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points, whence proceed those frequent and extensive haemorrhages which so

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they become the theatre of war ; though in them dysentery among the

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when taken orally and will not interfere with the pharmacologic

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Much has yet to be learned about the disease which constitutes the

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Herter, C. A. A case of cervical paraplegia from dislocation,

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noting that the researches of MM. Schkvsing and Miintz have

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Dr. Gunn must know that the medical profession as such, is in

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had to be discontinued ; in Case 26 only a, which we conceive to be so well deserved

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i;emperature of the cortex induces also a change in

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half an ounce of blood. (Edema of the lower eyelids, right arm,

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The number of cattle inspected for the export trade was 657,756, as

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are justly favourite health resorts, and may perhaps become the sites of

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downward and backward. Then the urine on its way to the

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Dr. Merlotti, an Italian physician, alludes to the dan-

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above the normal, and in a short time there was a cold perspiration. There

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The Hahneman Hospital. — This institution has ceased to exist: the

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shall now proceed in Bad earned to examine what it i

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one well calculated to mislead the young practitioner, if it

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(dorsal) root and terms them recurrent fibers. He suggests

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evidently and positively the sign of a grave infection,

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choroid extract. Dec. 6, 11 a.m. and 5.10 p.m. Injection of choroid extract.

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