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educated to the highest possible degree in their specialty.

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have attributed to us by our friends and admirers. I cannot

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and here lies the test of four years' work. The student

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of the disease, and in various suppurative processes the specific

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distinguish idiopathic from syphilitic hemiplegia, and

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contusion, a fall, a blow upon the chest may be followed by the gradual

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associated with biliary calculi is much more chronic than the fever-stage

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as Assistant Surtreon in the Navy, passing- his preliminary examina-

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tremity, and extending at leaft one third of an inch down from it,

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turn the plane of polarization to the right, while arabinose is optic-

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which often follows the use of antipyrine, and which fre-

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symptoms, complications, diagnosis and treatment will

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phied follicles impinged on the epiglottis in the same manner as

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pressure was carried beyond a certain point, there ensued vomiting, faintness,

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For these purposes a metal is required that will both heat and

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loosening the stomach, the hour-glass condition was evident,

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