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Marie' has reported two cases illustrating the con-
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by no means exhaustive form, should be more than sufficient to
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pneumonia, or gangrene may result. Sometimes thrombi may form lower
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mothers who become affected with the fever are often
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cases that pressed upon him, and the crowd of applicants
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Chicke7i cholera^ which is the type of the septicaemic Pasteurel-
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ration. The disease was generally of short duration, and
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I am in favor of the matured hog as a feeder. My ex-
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Some five years previous to the presentation of Metchni-
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him to write, saying : " It is fitting for you to discourse
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Will be published in an early number of the Review.
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of the thighs is often superadded, causing a closed position of the limbs
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extending over several days and nights. It may be admitted that
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siderable number of cases bearing upon the diagnosis and treatment of similar
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Street, Louisville, Ky., at as early a date as possible to obtain a
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and referred to a paper read by him during the Eighth
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them unsatisfactory. In place of the bichromate cells we are
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of India, "Waring gives the following results: — Quotidian 4458 = 79*7
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possible period after birth. When this is done, there are few
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Abt. 13. — Progressive Muscular Atrophy, Accompanied by Muscular
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averaged 2,179 gm. at the beginning of the soy bean diet. Three
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nounced was comprised in a theorem of bold and definite outlines; and,
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of hypertrophied prostate. At tiiat time the recordcid
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is rare for them to receive this care. They are apt to give a
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be recognized as a not infrequent cause of the affec-
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able in the young and middle aged, but generally incurable in

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