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tion was adopted in approval of the proposed estab-
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tures due to this cause, it is indeed often ver\- difficult
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by the oxygen, cannot be definitely stated. For the present it can be
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briefly mentioned in our issue for June, has in part supplied tliis de-
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sultation and professional relationship is as nearly
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department, and emigrated to one of the colonies. Here he
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situation be made tolerable ; while, on the other hand,
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typhoidin quotients among those who received sensitized vaccine cannot
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peculiar interest, inasmuch as it reflects the traditional life of the
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Thus, Dr. Douglas Powell ^ writes : — " The negative pressure
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however, more tissues participate in their composition, they are never
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complement (such as the mode of obtaining blood, whether the guinea-pigs
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rected under the inflammatory putrid fever of the ox. The dosea
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4. Bees'-wax, 4 oz., resin, 1 oz., oil of turpentine, 2 oz.,
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ence in its habitual use. Every patient who suffers from constipa-
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20.3, Newcastle-on-Tyne 17.3, Nottingham 15.2, Salford 19.8,
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Diarrhoea, Simple. — This variety does not call for
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nothing upon that fubjecl. But may not mojl of the dif-
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the Society’s concerns will be given due consideration.
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remained clinging to the under-surface of the leaves. It would,
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mally functioning circulatory system. He was free from dyspnea
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der the microscope, beautiful crystals of the neutral triple
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artificial respiration, in such a manner that the head hangs suffi-
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yet, on post mortem examination, no coarse changes can be

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