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first-class wooden side-wheel steamship. I had a lovely voy-
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daily. He allows eggs now and again. For those who are
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as severe or as sudden in their onset as they are in influen/.a.
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presence of s^iuptoms — this is the only way that we have to detect
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of the danger of infecting his own or other persons' eyes by
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Diarrhoeal discharges may pass through a hole bored through
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lime, the lemon, the citron, the bergamot, and the shaddock.
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necessary. The standardizing of the ediica!ti(m of nurses and the
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veloped typhus fever; she was kept in her bed in the ward,
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phere of homes. But the recent researches of Bergey and of Abbott
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trace certain cases to previous ones, to which they invariably owe their
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perature poorly, and in others baths with intestinal antiseptics and other
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ameba. Its development is attended with the appearance in its inte-
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began to fail, the child lay with upturned eyes, pinched features, rapid shallow
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Chronic Interstitial Pneumonia and Tuberculocidin — Tuberculins and
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ists in obstetrics, which will insure more perfect aseptic condi-
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however, must ever aim to associate the clinical symptoms with the
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ing revulsive effect. Lepine has used with success very dilute mercuric
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upon, while the petechise do not. It is chiefly in the milder grades of
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directly a lethal factor by inducing fatty degeneration of the cardiac
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should entitle the holder to registration and to license to practise,
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tion is sometimes met with in cases that come under observation at a
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bereft the American physician is of proper aids in fighting
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" It has been clearly shown by experiments made upon frogs under
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is the pistils, and these must be impregnated by the pollen
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Hon. Dr. H. J. Cody, Minister of Education in Ontario, Chief
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The last formula may be administered iu the form of a suppository,
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renders the capillary circulation sluggish in the parts subjected to it,
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already. They are only a make-shift. When possible, the
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of rheumatism examined. The diplococcus was facultative, anaerobic
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the fine or coarse jet douche or the fan douche. The latter is formed
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prove a boon to suffering humanity, but its containing chlo-

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