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due to the fact that these animals are nauseated with great
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well depend upon a local affection of the auditory apparatus and
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applied. To validate the technique in the management of
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died of pyaemia. It is true that this occurred in the wards
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some reason undergone the degeneration usually seen in
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entailing any danger to life or any high probability of ulterior change.
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fluid escaped. Another blood clot was found under the
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number of dippings supervised was an increase of. per
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in which the white sclerotic coat of the eyeball is visible. Occasion
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bringing the spine into its natural position while at the same
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The treatment of these cases has served to confirm the state
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the skin and thus encouraging evaporation of water it pro
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from pain. Nor is this an attempt to take our attention
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greater honor by requesting me in case I should not be
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induce and to terminate in general failure of the system. But the
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head and perversion of sensory or motor functions meningitis
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of the bladder and usually no involvement of sensation. In some cases
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vaso motor disturbance not only in the cortex of the brain but
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general blood infection and in part to a local specific inflammation.
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New York in his report for says that he concurs
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fully. Thus it may be normal or depressed sometimes
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previous simple catarrh and where areas of softening or even a
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secretion and growth quite as much as because an excess of
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We immediately called a meeting of the Board of Health and had
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substance granular and hyaline casts and a few white blood cells. The
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and symptoms of hepatitis seem but an aggravated form of those met
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dulla oblongata. The fourth ventricle is supposed to be especially
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ing his patient looking wise and then calmly sitting by to watch him
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is good against hemorrhages the fresh juice acts the same.
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thorough rubbing of the body while enveloped in a wet sheet
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there is very little use in doing any thing for these
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it will be perceived that the coloring matter is still retained by the
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