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the discharges are apt to be very numerous, containing shreds and

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early stage of typhoid fever, and then, except this fact be remembered,

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used medicinally for its astringency, the fruit, the leaves,

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versity of Pennsylvania, but he did wonderful work in build-

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The affection is only slightly influenced, if at all, by meteorologic

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sooner, and it is ready to sell sooner, but if it be a dry wine

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By consensus of many authorities, hydrotherapy is indispensable in

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artery and the superior and inferior vense cavse. Outside of the heart

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sheet, using friction with a rough towel if the temperature is below

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until four or five packs have been given, or the temperature has been

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had a temperature of 96.5° F. when the individual, a student of

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not, is indicative of danger. Other complications presented by the lungs

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great tolerance of alcohol in this disease. In the pneumonia of drunk-

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tion of the system; and such was my fear, although there

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others, particularly during the advanced stages, that in cases in which

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(2) Age. — From the notes of 1894 cases I found that in 25.8 per cent,

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or at some time when the patient is left alone. His delusions may

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comes on, and your patient is lost. An early diagnosis gives

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one locality, but may occur in two, four, six, or even eight places in

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under two heads, viz. : 1. Pneumonia of children. 2. Pneumonia of

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woman never puts away her seal-skin nor the man his top

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There may be nausea and vomiting. Prostration is profound ; there is

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water of a temperature of from 00° to 70°, appropriate to the case, is

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The time at which these irrigations are most useful has been dis-

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