Induce Menses With Aygestin

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ture : Spinal fluid turbid, white, increased in quantity ; press-
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teristics of dysentery, except that bloody passages
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present antituberculosis wave will accomplish some-
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ness by a fearful patient. Ignorance, timidity, and
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Navy, it is proposed to provide ample space for separate
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patient if the index is being regularly taken ; and if
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simdar attack one month before, which left her with very
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of N. Y. City line. 45 minutes from Grand Central Station. Beauti-
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possible. In acquired syphilis of children the heal-
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secure good evacuation of the bowels after the third
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eleven that could be followed three were still posi-
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left than on the right side, is much more likely to
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Tuberculosis. A Preventable and Curable Disease. Mod-
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temperature 61 degrees F. Unusual dry air and soil. Sun shines
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trouble than those of the intestines, but the omen-
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dent ; Dr. W. Brown Ewing, of Salt I^ake City, secretary :
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or rather were compelled to treat the cases accord-
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patients during four years with copiotis enemata of
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of the skin. It is at this time that the patient be-
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Director of the Clinical Laboratory, Philadelpliia Hospital;
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public should be educated to abhor both these evils,
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Charles P. Wertenbaker of the Marine Hospital Service,
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no enlargement of the hypophysis careful histologi-
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pressure below the tube, all or any part of the mu-
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Janet wished, and late"- to command him to sleep. He
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Case XLIV. Male, set. thirty-five; general paralysis;
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9. Measles and German Measles; Characteristics of the
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victims of chilblains; there is no retrogression of
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of locality, urban and rural, on this mortality. In
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Even more important is the fact, demonstrated now by uni-
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induce menses with aygestin

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