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to time be recognised by the University Court, may be reckoned as
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Arlington Colton Krause, Ph.D., M.D., Assistant Professor of Surgery.
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deaf-mutes, by assisting the new practice of the necessary muscular move-
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regulating heat. The striking changes in temperature sometimes seen in
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stance congenital, and is usually hereditary; the existence of families of
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date's essay not be approved, it is at the option of the candidate to-
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law requires that lime or lemon juice, sugar, and vinegar shall be carried by
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decided benefit from the use of methodical gymnastic exercises, consisting of
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physicians and surgeons and graduates from reputable and duly authorised
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Flalperin, Bernard Aloysius, sp, Oak Park. A.B. (U. of Illinois) '27; A.M. (Harvard
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Playfair, Leishman, Meadows; Gynsecology — ^Thomas, Emmet, Barnes;
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may fairly be grouped under one heading. The alcoholic affections, however,
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cease, never to recur, without our being able to find any explanation of the
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'•<n.,:t,J^^^f^^*' ' This type 1s-characteri2e<fbybrioht Wblood "p«npiftQ« or
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in area and six stories in height (including basement). This building provides facilities
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nal organs (the brain and kidneys), and also into the serous membranes.
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Voit tells us that a vigorous man who requires daily 118 gm. of albumen and
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lation of easy Latin prose. (3) Physics — ^A competent knowledge of
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ness, or even an almost complete spastic rigidity. If the muscular tonus be
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In other eases, again (the agitated or maniacal form of general paralysis),
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tions, therapeutic treatments, and minor oral surgery-extractions, cysts, and fractures,
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onset of rigor, the longer* the state of rigor will be maintained; thereby
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kyphoscoliosis depends undoubtedly on a unilateral paralysis of the muscles
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rheumatic difficulties, but they escape the severer lesions above enumerated.
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Physics, Anatomy, Physiology, and Botany, pass finally in Operative
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ance on a course of practical surgery during sim m^onths. The course
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usually hangs down loosely. If the patient, nevertheless, makes a vigorous
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tomical cause of which is not yet known, the name of reflex immobility of
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id) Industry sanitary standards, sucn as those of the Evaporated Milk
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•^^Boyal Uni/oersity of Ireland — Society of Apothecaries — Apothe*
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j^iir i>mp m Uaw and^ Cooked, Chj^eB'and Frogen> are described in types, forms,
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Sherman, Thomas Watson, s, a, w, sp, Chicago. Northwestern U.
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neuritis, but it may develop independently of neuritis, either primarily or
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in the face, a peculiar tension of the muscles. This
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pathetic nerves (vide infra), are probably always clue to a lesion of the
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.u, to cMn,., occunn, .'".'J^'^rof Z^Vn^'l^Z'T^i^/" tr^Mif ^r^U,.
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ahow themselves competent to take charge of them. A course of
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humerus, fracture of the head of the humerus and the clavicle, tumors in the
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