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sent in his e.xamination in Chemistry for the use of the Board.
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recommends the passing of a ligature behind the line of operation
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deformed by pressure. Soft organs, (brains, lungs, etc. which may
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is not addressed to practitioners, and yet its perusal would not
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difficult and prolonged labor. Without some guardian qualifica-
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muscles, joints, and bones ; the sound of the capillary circulation ; the slight-
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with a greater or less modification of co-ordinatoi-y
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But, whatever theory may prevail as to the nature of puer-
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diminution of accommodation in tlie upper part of the abdomen
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remove it from the fire and wash several times with warm water to
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What struck me with him, also, was that the face was not concerned in
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flannel. In the mucous form of the disease the first thin^ to
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are to be found in the last report of the Dairy Com-
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will undoubtedly look with special favor on the brief but en-
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nostic procedures. The catheter should never be inserted if
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On the effect of increased or decreased humidity Jaquet has not
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dislocation at the junction of the Cervical and Dorsal Regions, with
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state. Our specimens are large, stoloniferous and slightly decum-
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