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Fig. 356. — Urethral forceps of Collin U), Leroy d'EtioUes (&), and Hunter (c).

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to any defect in the constitution of the sexual system. It would be

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the employment of fixation forceps; and this is an advantage,

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status in a military organization. At this point we disagree with

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Without referring to its discovery, or its application to military

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into the water, even above his nostrils. During and after some

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that the demand for medical and hospital supplies for

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Second Row: Judith Wade EIlinKham, Clemmons, N C ■

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able that their degree of activity depends much upon

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pressed by the way they examine children. They don’t

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indeed, yet unknown. All which is clear is that there

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the least satisfactory are four photomicrographs of vertical

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swallowed without discomfort and did not regurgitate.

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[The above clipping was printed simply as news, copied from

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Cancer has also caused many more deaths than usual, 22 per cent.

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1878 LiBTEB, Sir Jobeph, Bart., D.C.L., L.L.D, F.R.S.,

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oxism of exstacy, when her eyes were so fixedly and im-

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year period. Patients typically have a sensation of cuta-

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not require to be coniidered as a diftindl: fpecies of

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mate questions to ask, but they cannot at present be definitely solved.

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Since first nasal and postnasal catarrh have been studied,

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of the Western Empire in A. D. 476. The Graeco-Roman medi-

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much interested and requested that he again read it,

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