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laxis. A beginning in this direction has been made by Kolmer, Trixt,
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till perfect union of the cornea shall have taken place; and it was evident to me,
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J 895 (No. 1344); also observed in the Medicine Bow Mountains,
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fering humanity, they will provide clinical instruction to
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of the right shoulder-blade, prevented any refreshing
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off cancellous bone, about the size of the end of a
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one, and the rectal ampulla be found just beyond the
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by the intensity of color in the phloro-glucin vanillin test but by the
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three men of the 19th Regiment were moving along one of the trenches
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malate, citrate, acetate, and tartrate. Oxidation of these in the bod"
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original research — and the results obtained were deemed so important that
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Parliament which would bring the whole of the Local
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ascending portion of the arch only was discovered duricg
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oxygen into the lungs and securing the benefits of sunshine.
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stability ; this, however, may be easily overcome by
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we examine the disease to which they must he assigned.
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two holes having been made through the bone for the sutures ; and the
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when taken orally and will not interfere with the pharmacologic
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mind of the student we are fully convinced. They are like a
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Marks, Andrea M. Clinical Associate Professor of Pedial
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peritoneal exudate in the 'form of fibrils of coagulated-lymph across coils of intes-
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the use of which may result in damage to vision. Probably the drug
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effect to that of bleeding ; namely, lowering the constitution or
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tural freshmen, and of mechanical preparatory students.]
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corporations" of Great Britain, and the writer regrets that Great

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