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employment of wine and nourishing food ; and by the daily use of large quan-

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tion of these drugs may give rise to very serious symptoms, especially

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quite as difficult to employ a male practitioner as it is now to find a

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superficial veins standing prominently out, and being filled with dark-colored

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Plaster of Cummin, L. — Cummin, caraway, laurel berries,

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chill subsides. The chill should be stopped as quickly as possible, as

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a car fitted with galvanized-iron racks and hooks. The

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of convalescence from Yellow Fever. No quinine or any

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possess a high and preternatural degree of vascularity. The vessels which we

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physicists in this country and throughout the world. We require a

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an internal or ulnar, and an external or radial sur-

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implicitly relied upon. In the benign cyst the edge of the bone is more

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of the size of the fully developed female, and, never being in an engorged condi-

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normal bowel movements. Free normal transpiration from

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muscles firm and bulky, and their wind clear ; more

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time they were advised that if they must go into ac-

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edema of the thoracic walls, prominence of the veins

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tain precautions arc insisted on in using this application, principally that

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It is this power of selecting nutriment which renders plants so va-

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tistics of lying-in hospitals show that where; antisep-

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