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urine in twenty-four hours.) Operation was deemed inadvisable, and a
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pose anything. Synonyms for this disease are as follows : osteomalacia
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carbolic acid. Of this from five to fifteen minims are in-
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control, domination and regulation of the medical, den-
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two tinctures are made from it : a strong one, known
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cal Society and proposed a table of fees to which all
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no abdominal distention. Rectal examination was negative. The
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when given with cimetidine compared to when administered with antacid
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ton : Birmingham 18.1; Bradford 20.0; Brighton 19.9; Halifax
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mother has given birth to several children with cystic kidney.
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he makes in his treatise. But it is a far cry to wring
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quently compatible. But Mr. "W. sees hard times; he is harassed; loses
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duced by the reunion of the innumerable globules of which the
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urine containing much neutral urate of soda. The cloudiness in this case depends
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toneum. Patients thus affected are usually sterile, they suffer intense
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Fourth ventricle dilated, with distended membranes over the lateral horns, form-
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account of its containing or forming sodium chloride in excess.
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nat. [etc.], Milano, v. 44 (4), feb., pp. 264-268. [W c .]
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colour and form, as like animals, ears, &c. They
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Rosenau: Perventive Medicine and Hygiene. 3rd. Ed., pp. 912-954.
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plan which has been too generally followed in the past.
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tinal astringent is one by which the astringent princi-
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mand, Three Elvers; vice-presidents: Dr. J. 0. Carmirand, Sherbrooke;
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of the sterno-costal joints. The patient refused to consent to radical opera-

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