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on electrotaxis. 1) <Am. J. Physiol., Bost., v. 4 (3), July 1, pp. 96-123, figs.

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occurs not in the muscles themselves but in the fibi'ous and connective

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and even if he were offering rubbish, he would do it in so interesting a fashion

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one wonders at its size, but on looking it over it is

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may be seen at the ankle too if the relaxed leg is similarly jerked and

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openings of the two ureters. After this has been done

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pensiles, and frequently directed cold baths and af-

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"that cinchona has a special action on engorgements of the spleen of

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to live and how to avoid disease, but lack of money and often lack of

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So we were told to hurry off the beach as quick as our legs

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the sure degeneration of good old family stock, unless

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The Models 2733 2d , and 2J33 U , exhibit the appearances presented

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The General Hospital. — A building is in course of erec-

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blood, absorbs ultra violet and violet waves of light,

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further precludes more than a general survey. The author

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who made strenuous eflEorts to restrain him, while the

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implies. Beyond even this pretence, the city is as barren

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researches of Gallileo and other cotemporary philosophers. The subse-

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from insensibility— his pulse weak, quick, and frequent, 100 to 160.

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add one-fourth as much strong lard as syrup, keep stir-

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"Of 105 deaths from rabies in France between 1850-02, 111

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