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M.D., Prof, of Anatomy in the University of Nashville.
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salts with thin bran mashes. Half a pound of salts, dissolved in
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that he was " all right now," did not deem it neces-
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tion and conservation of all national resources, material, intellectual, manual and
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Ireland, and had come to this country some years previously.
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Little, Frank, 114 Montague St., Brooklyn, Kings Co.
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In few words, the ideal sought by the French sanitary
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of the vessels of the conjunctiva, uniform recovery. On the other hand, the
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druggist, Mr. Diedel, for .§10,000 damages, claiming
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Dr. L,. G. Walker, Pound, Wisconsin, voices the general sentiment by saying,
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In April, 1903, some four months after the accident, the
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ciable effect was produced upon the disease ; it was not until
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scribed gangrene of the lung, which had been treated
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of the blood or in some perverse construction of the albuminous
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the work of the hospital has grown. The trustees re-
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8. The physiological action of all alcoholic liquors does not differ
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the lung,, and the base towards its peripliery or pleural sur-
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it is of real efficacy, the concealment of it is inconsistent
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this is probably explained by their slower growth, and conse-
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u livery, firft come out in a quantity capable or* filling
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dropsy was rapidly disappearing, as he lay streaming with per-
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puncture would have aided the diagnosis, and would have
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tissue is deeply involved, and the elastic tissue fibres have
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the solutions was replaced by m/ 1,024 CeCla to eliminate the osmotic
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he had been hit by a car while in the city with his father,
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humbug, it does more harm than good." Not long after that
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affection of the bladder ; on the contrary, in every respect it ap-

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