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called Paracentesis Thoracis. This tapping is usually done between the
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" It is not known whether the same fever was meant to
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the vagina; in doing this you will require a distender (repeller), and then
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may be stirred up with the dust and in their exsiccated state carried far
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formed notable operations for spinal cord lesion. The latter's case, if
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The operation may have to be repeated in a month or
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hand through the os uteri, I found that the calf lay on its back.
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not seem to see the great gain there would have been in devoting himself
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LiSTOL, the new chemical compound of thymal and iodine, is a
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" Having said thus much, I leave the subject of the
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crammed can be properly assimilated, or form a sound
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such an opportunity as is presented in this repubiica-
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the following conclusions drawn : Sterilized iodoform
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the name of the derivative. It must be obvious from analogy, in the first
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BO many watch-tires, bhizing up from the hill-tops iuto
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ment, which is excreted when the parasite segments.
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above referred to. Its value in the restoration of weakened energy and vitality is
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to limit the pressure of the forceps to the thighs alone ; and if
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best in the domain of sanitary knowledge, all institutions of a
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third volume seems especially favored in this direction. The articles on "Fractures,"
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law, every physician signing a certificate of committal
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surrounding parts by the finger with the removal of the gland
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8. Methods of Control. The Infected Individual. — (a) Di-
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larger ones it is generally amorphous, of uniform density, and of
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every physician in the United States, but especially of the Mis-
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