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rheumatism is often developed under conditions which would in-

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Ear, mentions a case of Zaufal's, in which a fracture

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times almost painful to witness. She was rather list-

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the purpose of giving the hams a more uniform cure or preventing salt from set-

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the best tooth-wash is pure water. If a dentrifice is required, the follow-

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Bousquet two years later proved that these diseases

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wood, is extremely apposite and I may be pardoned for repeating it.

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factured a “unique” physicians’ examination chair.

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dered the American navy more formidable than the com-

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disease, to anoint their bodies and limbs throughout, with carbo-

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even where the soil is favorable to the preservation and

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severity of the paroxysms of pain diminished until they finally

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Haque M, et al.: Parental perceptions of enuresis. Am J Dis

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him in London, its busy bustle and its dingy aspect arrests,

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candle, kerosene, gasoline, or acetylene lamps to gas and

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part of the animal, whereas in reality the animal is forced to go where

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material much of our present pathologic knowledge of the disease

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cold water dropping upon tlie animal's back, or exposure of tlie

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staying less time in an infected port, and having better discipline

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medical profession was never in a more prosperous condition than at the

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stances, under the Irrigation District system of California.

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G. M. Garland. Boston, Mass. E. P. Hurd, Newburyport, Mass.


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