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Sec. 2. All such horses, mules, and cattle shall be so branded with one distinct
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resort to something " to allay the cough " has, in my experience,
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the mass were then injected, and the outflow stopped artificially.
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and the importance of proper domiciliary care must be emphasized.
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which would otherwise be fatal are insufficiently treated with serum,
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the contents are removed by a liquid manure cart and taken
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Rockefeller Institute. The treatment used varied from that generally
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with the largest hoops. Now I don't believe the vagina was
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same cannot be said of the subject of fattening animals for
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that, like the brain-sand, it seems to appear in a later stage of develop-
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sixty gallons of water. In some cases the use of hot
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swiped the 'hammers out of the piano. Of course by now everyone has heard
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constantly in various other parts also. The abdominal wall was too
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torrhoea. Under inspiration of some quack publication or irregular prac-
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cording to the history of his life, as of the holy spirit
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cephalotripsy mieht therefore have been resorted to. Dr. More Maddeo's
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Hospital, and Assistant Surgeon, Royal Infirmary, Edinhurgh.
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rural, solo, group opportunities, all close to mountain
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lation they are served liquor by diseased prostitutes, anxious to get
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Frazer, J. G. The Golden Bough, 2nd Edition (London, 191 3-
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your suggestion of "4 per cent, solution cocaine, z}-, pilocarpine mur., gr. ij —

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