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The survival-time after operations is also an important con-

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Disposal of Refuse Matter of Cities." III. "The Disposal of

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For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. Though he was wounded on the way up to

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posterior. The surfaces of the base of the skull, between the mastoid

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in October, 1884. At this time the family was called to the bedside of a mar-

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bnrff are in charge of Burgeon K. B. Dalton, U.8.Y., and at Belle Plain

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2. A Manual of Elementary Chemistry, Theoretical and Practical, By George

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& anims & corporis , qui, ut omnes pote- ■

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prqsent day have turned their attention to rheumatism

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to others, who are equally worthy the honorable position. It is

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they should know of themselves. The subject of dress reform has been agita-

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J. Arnold 1, W. S. Allen 1, W. C. Bates 1, N. J. Betts 1, J. S. Birch 1, T. B. Bedortha 1, A. H. Bolles 1, L.

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The first of these reservations is that although well-bred

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ously, and on divers subjects. A list of what he wrote

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Anorexia. By Prof. Debove; translated by Herbert McConathy 214

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coverv was thoroughly iconoclastic, it shook the notion

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the recurring appearances of the scourge in the lying-in wards

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this mortal coil. The Greensboro woman, in health fresh and sparkling as the

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hypochondrium is comparatively fiattened; (b) The existence of a surface-

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the stocking fastened around the leg above the injury (115.)

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Health Officer of Chicago, while approving of this method,

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measles, whooping-cough, or erysipelas, or developed imder the same epi-

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the various causes of lameness ; we have dealt elsewhere*

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rain and cold on pneumonia has been much debated. It

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and scopolamine, followed by open ether, the ideal in anaesthesia had

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tion, and will have the advantage of being admissible either to the

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