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perature rise and remain, as it runs into the Pleurisy so quickly; tem-
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required circle. By re-inserting the stilet, the bend in the
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At the beginning of August, 1861, a man, 33 years of age, was
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has experimented with the venom of a rattlesnake in a case of
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we decline such consultations, and refuse the benefit
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continuation of the work with which he is so thoroughly identified. We
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portant physiological fact, accounting for the impossibility to tetanize
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There is now living in a New England city, a couple of husbands, in respect-"
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'Read before London Child Welfare Association, June, 1919.
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Indian tribes, indicate what must have been the caste of the
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who devote themselves temporarily or permanently to the special study of insanity. The
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secondary degeneration of the posterior columns, toxic
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the functional derangement of the stomach. In connection with the
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sumptives. If my patients will not take cod-liver oil or beef fats
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raised for slaughter. They may inhabit almost any organ
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doubtful whether the results are applicable to fever in human diseases.
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disappeared, and the white substance became entirely
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however, that such emotions are sometimes excited, and might have led,
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the disease is ordinarily harmless, so far as immediate
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The student must commence the medical curriculum with the Autumn or
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