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file views, plainly exhibiting the extent to which the
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get the advantage of seeing from two different angles — binocular
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intestines are affected with the disease. Milk from a tuberculous cow
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although such bacilli have been more frequently missed under these circum-
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contamination. The baby is said by the vaccinator and its own mother to
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become warm. Serve on the shell. Some substitute oyster
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the malignant growths on the one side, and then on the other side the
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Tumor of the Ovary," Clement W. Sparhawk, M.D. III. Exhi-
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of the intestine, also demands an exploratory operation at
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lymph were noted on its peritoneal nxurfmce. There were
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ligatures being once more loosened, showed the power of complete
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advantage of obvious reasonableness, resting not on the shifting sand of
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nounced the microscopic demonstration in vaccine lymph of
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(Liles WC, Burger RJ: Tularemia from domestic cats. West J Med
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inflamed section, there takes place what always takes place when, in a system of
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pain as it shoots along the affected parts. In general, as has
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Kermes, Mineral. — Crude antimony, 5 parts, dry carbo-
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if the solution is too concentrated the substance separates largely as
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It is infants and those of early age who are liable to be in-
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chronic disease of this kind, we were first to strengthen
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