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healthy children in 45 per cent of the ninety-four cases examined. Widal

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contain a network of fibrin with mononuclear cells. The alveolar

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being manifested until great pressure is exerted. The paralysis of

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French work in 1880; but he learned that the Hon. Josiah

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while he is thus low, let his exercise be walking only,

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to increase the dose beyond 3 ma., except once when he gave 5 ma. During

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as as_easy to get in and out of as a buggy ; nothing to climb over in getting in.

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and elements are only found in pure water to a well

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month the names of those from whom we have received money.

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purchases a customer will make. The two conditions we have

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form the majority of those which arise from the Purkinje's cells. The

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By W. H. Dickinson, M.D. Cantab., F.R.C.P., Senior Assistant-Physi-

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cally into three classed. First is the so-called Curvature, when one may

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2. It must afford these animals the needful rest and

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Rosenau: Perventive Medicine and Hygiene. 3rd. Ed., pp. 912-954.

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stand between the operator and the tube. The use of tube covers,

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1. " Yenous blood from a glandered horse injected into the veins

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muscle-nerve preparations, and on the rate of division

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the first lecture, of 337 cases surgically treated in our British hospitals — three

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drink the home-made wine from the barrel by sucking it up through a tube.

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use of Crile's method of anesthesia, which consists

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the symptoms assume the character of a low typhoid type.

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cording to circumstances ; this matter, as Well as the white sub-

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reply in the affirmative to that question, which I apprehend has

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