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With respect to what had been said of hyoscine, he said that there was
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bedding, furniture, food, insects, etc. These two types of cholera epidemics
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may be considered as an application of the known laws and facts of
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many of them; and are entirely incapable of selecting the proper
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there is more than an element of defect of the spinal canal involved
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vessel, and presented a tumour about the'; tumour immediately became reduced one-
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cells the end of the axis-cylinder forms an arborisation without joining the
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Reeves, Robert J., M.D. (Baylor, 1924), Professor of Radiology
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onset of the keratitis ; a portion or the whole of it may slough oflE" in a
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firm give prompt attention to all orders either by mail or
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week. In one week ten deaths were re- tion of pain by the process of dressing,
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From the experiments which have been conducted by Dr.
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The apex beat of the heart is not generally to be discovered
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. Piorry, in the course of »ome experiments made at ibe
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The gauze was dipped in the plaster and applied to the limb
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Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to either pentazocine or
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56. On the Influence of Digitalis on the Weak Heart of Typhus Ferer. Dr, James
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The results appear to encourage the further trial of
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thopoedic Hospital is established for the treatment of deformities
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has a duty imposed upon it in relation to this matter.
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of your decision, in resorting to this place to acquire further professional
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There was not much haemorrhage at the time, and the surgeon did not
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larged, and the periosteum thickened. There was no pus
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Bright's disease of the kidney that has seemingly been benefitted
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intrinsic merits and demerits, as well as their comparative value over
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them by one application. One ounce of snuff to a pouud of lard
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opposed by the forces which move the air and the blood in the lungs. The dis-

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