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logically it is certainly established that croup and diphtheria are iden-
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returns to the cytoplasm, and finally what is consumed must
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a subsequent period becomes stronger and more sonorous.
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cases, when both a chemical and microscopical examination is made and
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some chemical influence at work upon the nervous system, inves-
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in Professor Tiimas's Pharmacological Laboratory in Warsaw,
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ease is almost nil. My account is, therefore, as I state in my
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heart depressant reports a mortality of only 6.6 per cent.
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rise in blood pressure, 7 mm. Five minutes later, oil of turpentine, 1 c.c, injected
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lycopodium powder, a branched star-like or tree-like figure
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" The subject of the preceding remarks has been the prevention of
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Sherrington and Bonome both find that this bacillus can pass
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an animal that is castrated, and with these characteristics, that he was an
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braced it, but all lived and died denouncing it as a humbug. Take
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a very remarkable one, and suggested that an ordinary, in addition to the
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tricle, no vessel coming from the left. The greater circulation is so independent
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manifestation of the increased blood pressure, such as headaches,
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In a sixteenth case (1895 ; age at onset 1 year 9 months ; ill four week?)
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growth of every kind of bacteria, whether in artificial cultures, or natural
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the blood flows fasttr than it dc«th in an erosion, arid not so
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would tax the pen of an expert. The author in all modesty disclaims
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duces any injurious effects on the constitution, must be admitted.
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stimulation of the metabolism is not seen, as in health, there is at least
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on the treatment that has to be adopted in particular cases, and on

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