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been alluded to in the numerous reports, and that new and more or

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and strongly possess, as said before, the characteristics

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Another result of the application of cold to the periphery is the increased

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It has been decided that in the British Section of the

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extreme forms of distress, such as virulent disease and insanity,

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after the first day's treatment, due I think, to her extreme

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methods, by which the good fame of the Surgeon-General

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sinks of moral as well as physical impurity, contagion and death.

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may extend through a period of several days. This is especially

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gastric washing specimens were inoculated in guinea

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Kruse in this laboratory. However, in harmony with the usual

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conjunctiva is not so red or congested. The inner side of the lid

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Syphilis may attack the infant during intra-uterme life ; or it may

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are considering, we must cure the inflammatory con-

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LiNGEN {Centralhl. f. Gyndli., Leipzig, 1904, No. 50) reports the case

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all the influence we may possess individually or as a corporate

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corresponded to the upper surface of the hemisphere, and the sense of resistance

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ished very much in the last six months. There is no

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sluggish, and if prolonged the vitality of the organism may

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logue and then another's, until they finally drifted out of the

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genital and paralytic club-foot, rickets, deformities of one limb where an

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occupied bed No. 3. With me, you were struck by the great amount

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diseases, a high or a low mortality. With submission,

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tents been so much practised during the past twenty years when

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