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adherent to them and fuse with their substance, so that the

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This is onlj one of many similar cases. My general experi-

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With rhythmic galvanic currents, peristaltic contractions of the

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Arthur, W. H.. captain and assistant surgeon. Granted two

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untreated were very sick when examined previous to necropsy. In

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of the nerves or nerve-roots ; but in other cases it seems to have

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It was deemed more desirable to have a few methods for which

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where not otherwise covered, look white with a reddish tint.

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tion, it is hardly necessary- to say, is due to the

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arterial tension decreases, and there is a marked change

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sion of the enteric bacillus and then allowed to become quite dry,

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Willmar, a Fellow of the Mayo Foundation in Roches-

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colonies successfully carried on near Bielfield in Germany and

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It is said at the present time by those eminent in authority,

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point from which the matter will be investigated judicially by setting

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Cambridge, Eng., the Secretary of the Labour Party Health Com-

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stations and (5) regimental stations. The necessary communica-

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helpful in determining one's attitude tow^ards the problem

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very explicable on this view : the first constringing the walls of the smaller

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of digestion of the proteids in hay is 69, of fat in oil-cake is

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4. Crutchfield, W. G. : Skeletal traction for dislocation of the

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nerves, irritated tempers and lost time. Order is a great time-saver.

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of albumin and a marked glycosuria; at present the sugar has dis-

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Alterations, and Corrections. Price Is. net. London : The Pharmaceutical Press,

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this probe will surely enter two-thirds of the canal.

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