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The general form of the manner in which some of the questions
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to say on which scale the field hospitals are to be furnished. In
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The lowest dew-point for 1892 was — 21 ® , on Janu-
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all useful sight, there could be no doubt of this, even in cases
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both the iron and the haematin were decidedly increased.
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abscess, or the resonance may be caused by gas in the
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porta, and that they alone depended upon this source
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the pleural cavities. In most of the cases the disease occupied
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character of their inhabitants. Such dwellings, after disinfec-
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Foreign Body in the Bladder. — Dr. Roddick exhibited a
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(2) Suppurative Nephritis. — Male, age forty-five.
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out on his legs ; for a time they varied in severity,
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writes : "The influence of Carlsbad mineral waters on
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female patients • Hypersensitivity and gynecomastia.
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lungs, and that this was principally apparent in the posterior,
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2d. It practically leads to a disregard of Nature's institutes, on the part of
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and physician from phusis, i. e., nature. The physici
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shown. And of those soldiers even who are sent back to their
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57. Vicarioxi.!i Menstrtiation hy Means of Epistaxis. — Dr. Otto Obermeier
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taking part and co-operating with the following committees:
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week. At the end of three weeks the external wound was
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Palpation, in the physical examination of catarrhal
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of arterio-sclerosis often precedes general vascular changes, it is important
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■wfasrine matter in the blood, and by this acquire chemically an
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(2) has a wife (£25) and (3) four children under 16 years of age
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nine years of age, squat, strong, and very healthy, a man said not to

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