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A friend writes me from Philadelphia : " As you are writing upon
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comes such an anaemia, and we have a double congestion which is
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carefnl to prevent prolapse of the intestines. Coils which adhere
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rapidly push into it from the approximate edges, and also from
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assimilative processes at this altitude, wounds heal by
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In the year 1855 I dissected and made a dry [)reparation
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coming too near, may learn much to guide him in his further examination
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was lost. He never was involved in a law-suit, and had but
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ated, sharply defined appearance. These growths are only
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be expected, but with apparent deliberation ; it was,
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while the arm has been pulled by the anxious or ambitious
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ing to the sizes and peculiarities of the guns from which they are
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was first ascertained, while it was reserved for Harvey
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direct extension from the inflammation of the brain. In the optic nerve the
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was my lot oftentimes to meet him in consultation among the rich and
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The eyes are very rarely affected although occasionally there may be
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or reddish-brown by Van Giessen's method. At the base of the tumour
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ful mode ; in another, of warm or tepid water externally applied ; and,
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the very small chance offered by operation. An incision some
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suffice, however, to explain the striking frequency and equally

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