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man and animals precipitinogen is present in the blood, the organs, in milk,

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activity, and the isolation of an enormous number of crystalline chem-

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at first sight, in the liver-cells, but lie between them, constituting,

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from the cavity when coughing, in certain bodily movements, or

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copious mucous secretion which lines the walls of the stomach and inter-

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degree of weakness is gradually developed, and then suddenly

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irritating, can be inhaled and absorbed, producing,

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destructive effect upon these low organisms; but such vague and

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contractility, performs a definite r6le in the maintenance of equilibrium in the animal

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The lips of the wound are then separated by two small strabis-

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stated). The 'permanent flexion of the hip may be compensated

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gether with definite, and frequently extensive, lesions of structure.

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vasospastic angina developed periods of transient asymptomatic

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cannot show the difference in the operations of the

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no greater difference, in this respect, between the carnivora and the

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sion note over the affected part becomes dull, the vocal fremitus

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fluid was doubled. On qualitative analysis it was found by Halliburton

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addressed to the Author at his reside7ice, 25, Manchester Square, London, W.

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and have examined the bodies of some of them after death. I

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will find a boil, and then another, and another. In

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a funnel-shaped sac, the pelvis, which receives the terminations of

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tier city ander the Inspiring influences of Langenbeck, he

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of the Eolandic area. It is a question, however, whether the symptoms

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of Raymond Dodge and Francis G. Benedict, experts in nutrition and

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the catheters being retained in position, and the urine drawn

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ragged, ulcerated surface ; this, if the eruption be confluent on the fauces

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In the preparation of this brief resume the editor has requested

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