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transmitting poliomyelitis from one monkey to another.

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ity, or pessimism. These are mental, not physical qualities: atti-

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Veronal sodium contains about 90% of veronal, hence 0.5 grams (eight

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What is most desirable in teaching is to show typical cases, and

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The Pennsylvania Colony Farm for Epileptics. — The project of

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the dominion of her husband. The Romans, too, washed the feet of their

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•34102 Hall, Wm. E. Treatise on international law. Oxf. 1895.

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tion. The outer surface of the internal lateral ligament is then scarified,

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Interference with adequate oral electrolyte intake will also contribute to hypokalemia

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The Legal Aspect of Autopsies. — A case which was tried in the Su-

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