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then dry up. She has never before had treatment for the eruption.

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May 3rd. — Improvement was progressive. Appetite had returned,

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sequence of infectious disease, during which the heart has been

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i8g6. On post-mortem ex2.xn\m.t\on no visceral lesions were discovered.

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from tuberculosis. The spermatic cords were swollen, indurated, and

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University of London. — First M.E. Examination. Entire. Pass

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expressly forbidden to be done under authority of the Act of 1869.

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Any of the methods of operation just passed in review may involve

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from diarrhrea (he was told at Guy's, before going out, that his heart

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them saw you send it, and then they would of made enough to have talked about ;

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belongs the merit of obtaining reliable and official information as to how

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the want, and has undertaken to supply it ; and he has well done his

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tory to tuberculosis. This is also the opinion of M. Galtier, who,

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attended its efforts during the last two years. In July 1868, there ap-

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gaged in sedentary occupations, and poorly fed. He had then passed to

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dom — by which candidates shall enter the medical profession. If the

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insufficiency. Whilst in the latter the pulsations are strong and

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development of symptoms, a characteristic also commonly noted in

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On Clause xviii. Lord C.'iiRNS expressed his approval of the genera,

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mechanical injury is not sufficient to produce the growth of tumours;

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nement sur les ouvriers;" 2. To M. Caniere, for his " inventions for

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the patient was, if possible, sent back to the workhouse; but many

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scopically free from tubercle, and the mesenteric glands only slightly


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