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rapidity of breeding is an equally important element.

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State the chemical changes produced in a galvanic cell while

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general health. This man was admitted into hospital about

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pea sized to cherry sized spherical tumor masses some of which

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fessor Schuh. The patient sitting upright adapted to all circumstances. I have already

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sound somewhat accentuated. Pulse regular and uniform of good volume

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larship at the L niversity of Edinburgh has been awarded to Mr.

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at the German Hospital in Philadelphia to. per cent. These results

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frequently severe. In type it may be subcontinuous remittent or inter

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Peritoneal Transfusion. M. Hayem publishes in the Revue fur

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respirations during the period of observation and then to pass the

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By acting upon the spinal cord it tones up the digestive

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reported treated homoeopathically as well as otherwise from

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from which urea is formed and that owing to destruction of the hepatic

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first instituted by the Medical News to determine the in

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he had been in the police. Now where could you get a

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necrosis and exfoliation of the cartilages of the larynx.

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and uncertainty arising from the long examination and

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ing under conditions very unfavorable to proper digestion. It is

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fenced countries like Ireland that ticks have remarkable limita

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epidemic appearance and apparently contagious character

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most needed i. e. in suppurative cholecystitis stitching the gall blad

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part of Thursday cases of discipline were undertaken.

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Dog. A normal. The amplitude and rate of respiration blood pres

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preparation when acted upon by zinc and silyer exhibits the

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injunctions given as to rest diet and general management.

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develonment and a safe deliverv mav take nlace at a

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This is proved by the quanjtity of carbon contained in the

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first journalistic flight are gentlemen who are not CMsily dis

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tion of deaths steadily increased from per cent in the cases between

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malnutrition and as such must serve as the points upon

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multilocularis leuckart from sterile larvae from man. Am J

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mation extending to the pharynx in others however there

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pared with the consciousness of his body let us remember that the

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only in rare and uncertain instances give us accurate inti

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cause grave nervous symptoms. On the contrary there is

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