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eases. — General medication is frequently of more impor*

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the pancreas, that passed into the circulation as a result of the

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and in no way concerned in its causation. I believe that just

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entire. It commences on page 42, line 14, and is as follows : —

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watched him there has been no material alteration in their

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better. Amongst the contributors to the second volume are such men as Drs.

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Dr. J. Wickham Legg, of St. Bartholomew's Hospital, has just published,

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from otitis, depend upon the anatomical conditions of the ear.

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is in favor of infiltration or the formation of fat from car-

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slow-growing, poorly nourished colony. Galactose 3 per cent, typical growth, acid

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by reducing peripheral resistance, but also increases coro-

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Middlesex for not appearing before the King to satisfy the Prior

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Current reports in the spring of 1888 seem to have alleged the

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for the same deviation has been found to occur when the bullet was fired near

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These two remedies may be combined with advantage. A slower,

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Medical Literature, Inc. Mr. S. Sim Kessler, Director.

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dered flaxseed-meal poultice with mustard, and gave

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matter of duty. To teach not only those facts in our science

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ter cautiously as a gradually cooler bath, as I have directed in

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affections to which our nature is subject, that humanity is called

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gnorrheal proctitis and patients being re-treated after failure

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whatever to this patient, to shew no interest in her case, and

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sarily of individuals. "The results of medical statistics," says

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^J'N comparing the prefent population of thefe iflands with

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and "were killing the poor girl," the nurse begged to be

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nied. J., St. Petersb., 1898, cxcii, nied. spec, pt., 78-89. —

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albuminuria. Her urine became free from albumen when about four months gone.

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not these early deaths too often begotten of hygienical and profes-

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besides the pigmentation is the profound asthenia, which is all out of

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the urethra with its delicate vascular walls lying \

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istration of antitoxin, frequently terminates in recovery. It is therefore

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accidentally taken after the first had demonstrated the

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to a negative result no great importance should be given, as shown by

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resembling, except in color, the plastic bronchial casts so frequently

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will appear strange that good work is not even rarer

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cases, intelligible relief may be obtained, because eacli plan is capable of produc-

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converted into fat. So long as waste and repair are equal and

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skeleton, we find that the superior maxillary is fixed to the

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