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ing it, as it did not occur until after ten, but though slight it

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was begun in ]\Iarch, 1909, and during that year, 830 volunteers

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mens, I have classified them with but slight change on the basis

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[(R 2 + r 2 + a 2 ) - V(R 2 + r' + a 2 ) 2 -4 ! r 2 R 2 ] /2 R 2 .

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varied from 620 to 1600 c.c. The specific gravity varied between 1008 and

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reports a case of compression of the cavernous sinus associated with diabetes

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relation in the sense that the former generally precede the latter. The

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of venous blood. After the first seton had worn out, a second

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has not been fruitful. More promising have been the results of

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has been obtained, for with patients whose skin is little-resisting, as much

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third in the recumbent position. Pressure in the neighbourhood of this

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cylinder with rounded ends. An account of the microscopical appearances

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pressure H)5 systolic, 110 diastolic, pulse-rate 80, regular. Normal reflexes, no edema,

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to increase. There was no evidence of a corresponding glycaemia or

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ill the capillaries of those organs most plentifully suj)plicd with

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the treatment is not curative of malaria and quinine therapy must be

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incidents such as cyanosis after the race are recorded. These records are

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glass and should be kept in darkness. Thymol crystals should be

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Investigations on protein intoxication have up to the present been

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The second case, an Englishman, became infected with T. rhodesiense

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