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Some nerve-fibers of the cauda and the termination of

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same surgeon’s hands would carry a lower mortality as

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the descent of man theory, admits a child's brain of four years old is

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The bony cavities in proximity to the orbit, and which are frequently in

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The Therapy of Chronic Middle-Ear Disease and the Ques-

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the sound from right to left in the uterme cavity, I could dis-

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at this time far more often than formerly. The neces-

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Andral cites this case (633,) as the strongest evidence, that whateyer may b& tke

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pean country would such opportunities be overlooked. The

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severe headache, photophobia, but in a few days all these symptoms

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flammatory process contra-indicated operation. He had re-

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those parts of the body where they cannot endanger life, it is far

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the case of the sensory centres than in that of the motor centres.

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nervous diseases or of organs closely dependent upon the nervous system. Of the

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quart of this molasses, two ounces of balsam of tolu,

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kidney is considered the commonest; still there exist varie-

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been convinced. Intelligent patients may be instructed to perform Pavy's titration

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notary's services were put into requisition in Canada was at the

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I'll 1.)^. IViutr.itii,:; »,,nn,l ..t , .li(i« .,,,iru ii,v.,U in- tr.irti:u' i,t nliia

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nized symptoms of tuberculosis appear. They are usually spoken of as

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are : That it is of value as a mydriatic and cycloplegic in the examination

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and that its continuance seriously threatens not only

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of the right side of the heart, the liver is often enlarged. The spleen also

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physician or inspector who is unprotected by a previous attack of these

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Again, if the cure of hernia is dependent upon inflammation of the

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Ktlierizing our patient, we j)laced her on right side,

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besides reinfecting themselves. If they move they leave

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Larj:^er bones, more powerful muscles and fewer elements of vita-

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