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cer of Health and Police Surgeon to the Peterhead Town Council.
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Maltese Government to investigate the matter. The able
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It is in the bone-marrow that we find the beginnings of the blood, and
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Following erj'sipelas the most important complication is diffuse
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pletely straighten the little and ring fingers, in the flexors of which,
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day by coughing out the very ofifensive contents, without accompany-
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inclination to conform to the law, which in Mile End has led
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the methremoglobin band could not be detected, only the
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5. The Knife. — My earlier shallow flap operations were made
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tion of the hydrochloric acid is presumably intended to keep
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is in many places rather florid ; the arrangement is good, but
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in the conglomeration of bodies which are extracted by
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febrile condition, but rather has a tendency to increase the fever. In
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by the mouth. This led me to suspect adenoid vegetations,
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gested various forms of carbohydrates take part in this procession —
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half-subject. On this question the Committee of Management
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a just appreciation of the results of clinical investigations, it is neces-
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of taking steps for their own protection, we (that is, the
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that country, while typhus was rare. In England, on the other hand,
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neck and focal necroses of the liver cells, besides all those widespread
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known, and what remains for us is rather to study its different clinical
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nizii)-.,' soiiK:" of tlie functional abnormalities of these organs.
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would appear that the principal characteristics of the town

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