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an abortive pustule or in an ophthalmia such as may be produced by

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tubercle bacilli pyogenic cocci and tetanus bacilli.

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scrotum we can often thus avert gangrene. Yarious oils grease vase

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fect. Arteries and veins were confounded and nerves tendons liga

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ed in the cicatrix passed beyond it and produced an eschar

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small wood bundles pith large nearly inodorous taste

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Abnormal fibres and false ligaments left as a result of former

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tion case in a child of three years died on the twentj

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stance that there never is a restoration of lost osseous matter

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nant endocarditis affecting bicuspid aortic valve dila

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torso are to be raised a vertical foot board Conn Med

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remit for vols. and if convenient. We know the feelings

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The specific germ was found in the membrane of the larynx.

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Little Rock. A grand collection of antebellum and Victorian

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the disease for many years since in certain places he qualifies

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wood shavegrass and sage daily. After another fourteen

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percentage of positive results miglit be expected from the examina

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the continued outbreak of rabies in that vicinity and the large number

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incandescent lamp by simply adding a conical tin shade of

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not use either leg for a long time while in bed nor for

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Pea or bean meals are good for older pigs and produce a

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effect of the position of the valves is practically unimportaut

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some interesting facts. In the year August to August

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on the right cheek. Subsequent occurrence of obstinate anaesthesia

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The elbow joint is a ginglymus or hinge joint formed by the trochlear

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As a rhinologist he insists on the nasal conditions that underlie the affection

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When mixed nerves are invaded by inflammation sensation disappears

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rooms. If the temperature Avithin the nose is to be maintained

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hora fomni hauflum paregoricum et partem ajfeElamfo

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double optic neuritis and intense headache but no other cerebral

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regeneration an effort was made to ascertain whether the same occurs

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connection with sanatorium work during the past year was the

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knowledge. To place this in the hands of students as a Hand

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marked contrast to surrounding tissue and sometimes a suggestion of.

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