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through the blood and througli the autonomic nervous sN-stem that

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but the supply of serum has been altogether too scanty to allow of any-

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KoBER, P. A., and Klett, R. E. Further improvements in the nephelometer-

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attention to the second of the above-named factors, viz., the current

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done in full sight of the audience. Even if they know

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man East Africa there is no malaria and there is no mosquitos.

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This difficulty is increased by the fact that a similar thickening of the

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This haemorrhage was repeated about six weeks later, when

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Phosphaturia. The term phosphaturia as commonly applied is a

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Cole in a recent communication based upon 500 cases of pneumonia,

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more surprising. But this, too, is easily explained. It is

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is concerned, we may Lave fibro-molecular, fihro-nucleated, and fibro-

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association with these, under Bulbar paralyses, will be described the

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fever. His circumstances were good and his surroundings

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the ataxia in any given case to disturbance of the innervation sense or

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of tlie morbid conditions on which the paralysis is dependent. In a case

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and (/3) vascular maculae, which are probably the first stage of the pro-

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important, the latter giving rise to the adenoma or so-called struma of the

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of terms, that do not convey with them some positive idea.

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If we study the phenomena resulting from the introduction into the

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scopic specimen. For this class of work the Welsbach mantle will

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Stc. without losing a single patient, or i)roducing the

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with my problems as a medical executive. His quiet reassurance and support were always

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primary, it is sometimes devoid of symptoms which denote acuteness;

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tate be yellow rather than red, other reducing agents must be considered

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so numerous are cases of necrosis in hos |she was able to get about, she was dis-

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factors, traumatic or otherwise, which diminish the resistance

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form of email spherules ; partly, aud very largelj' from

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It is sometimes prescribed, by men who have little or no faith

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were much simpler than in adults. Heart diseases in

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membrane of the air passages, stomach and digestive tract.

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to an important extent into the consumption of the poorer

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desperate, and an incision was made in the left inguinal region, in order to search

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dissolved by water,-it is taken up by fourteen parts of cold, and i

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fered for some time from intermittent pains of the left mammary

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prevalence of putrid smell in the nose, which is attributable either to

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operation was performed in October, 1898, in Chicago. The hernia

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edema, vasomotor rhinitis, contact dermatitis, erythema multiforme,

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these are lined by the soft membrane described above, they are

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termed by him the oblique oval pelvis. The temperature is diminished from four

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diedc upon the practice, for learned judges seldom interfere unless appeal

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