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cases of the latter affection approximates closely to acuteness, and, in fact,
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The Eighty-Sixth Annual Session will begin October 1st, 1892, and will end
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and narcotics, and the smallest quantity of one of these articles
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affections is to be regulated. It is not admissible in feeble subjects, and in
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unconscious, excessively prostrated, and, in fact, supposed to be
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from the mental anxiety incident to his sense of responsibility, was obliged
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tressing, her lips were livid, pulse 150, and her countenance had
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second stage are soon declared. In hospital practice, and in many cases
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of the table. The habitual use of alcoholic liquors favors its occurrence.
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Thus, vomiting and regurgitation show irritation antl spasmodic action ;
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expedition of Capt. Sitgreaves, for the exploration of the rivers
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^ Paplne is the Anodyne or pain-relieving principle of Opium, the Nar* ^
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The paroxysms recur after intervals varying greatly in duration in dif-
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Griscom present. Dr. Neill made the autopsy. No appreciable
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all the other links of the dreadful chain constitute the epilepsia
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primary cancers, one-third are seated in the stomach. The same author
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that the first attempt was made to arrange the books systemati-
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laiftreduced to the Medical and the Pharmaceutical professions by
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^ Since we first called attention to our Lapactic Pills, some four years ago — publishing
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that protracted or permanent rigidity of the hand and fingers
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mark the date of its occurrence. It is sometimes ushered in by a well
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and diminished consistence or softening. Both induration and softening
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and daring these visits was strongly urged to settle there, with the
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^ OME OF THESE PREPARATIONS are specified below, and they are offered as
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About twenty*five ^ays ago she was' attacked by symptoms of a
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thus follow without an inspiration, varies, according to the severity of the
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and, also, that an attack of bronchitis does not usually exert any unfavor-
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opening should then be made at the bottom of the pleural sac, allowing
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but whether this leniency be always commendable,- may admit of
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In those cases where death occurred while the patient was sit-
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excite perspiration, and, if perspiration occur, it should be wiped away
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