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these form the back-bone of this part of S. Africa, and rise here and there to a

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such a frequent and potent cause of Jacksonian epilepsy that syphilitic

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around, will vary according to the circumferential limits of the

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the stools, as Cunningham has pointed out, influences the presence and

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for a long period when exposed to cold. Dr. Hibbert

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subcutaneously. The animal died 22 hours later. Lesions of B. welchii infec-

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the heating power of petroleum and giving the fuel value

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of citizens, an improvement and reform of the former practice,

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strength and feel better. In two weeks she was very comfort-

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mouth got sore. She was also ordered to keep constantly applied

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suaded they may produce, by increasing the peristaltic action of

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from Bright's disease— hence attributing two deaths to the operative pro-

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B. Brodie mentions a case where it alternated with insanity.^

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Skc. I. — All practitioners of medicine, their wives and their children, while

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granules in the mature larvae of trichinella spiralis. J Parasit ■

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means of an old stocking drawn over the foot, bury the whole heel

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lution, Dr. Dunglison recommends copious draughts of lime-

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knee-jerk ; then, fourth, the first degree of exaggera-

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The alphabetical arrangement is intended, of course, to

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thought of, but the patient was evidently too far gone for

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been abundantly shown by the testimony of many competent

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eggs, I pint of milk, }i a gill of yeast, salt according to taste.

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countries in a state of partial cultivation, much disease and sufiering

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generation find themselves in the intestines of anopheles. They

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Explanatory Lectures for Nurses and their Teachers. Bj^

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the lymphatics. When infection takes place through the

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