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In my article 1 reach the conclusion, too, that reflex
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in all cases just what part of the systemic lesions present in the different
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rupture the spleen in an alcoholic subject. The blow the patient
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On January 1, 1917, there were under observation in Fram-
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spasmodic movements of the face, tongue or jaws are seen
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results, and because I esteem that a limp is far less serious than an
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the pathogenic record of the same drugs as found in Hahne-
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ing difcutients, as was faid before \ nay they even
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tration, 42 ; affections of the pleura, 42 ; of the
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of characters does not commonly occur in the formation of the
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rheumatic poison itself is transmitted, but that a soil favorable to the
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sexes, and from thirty-five to fifty years of age, pre-
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stoutly built, muscular man in capital nutrition. His mother was insane, and he
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was near at hand, and the shock of such news had an
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heart soft, its surface covered by a thick layer of a curdy -looking purulent mat-
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distasteful to the insects, yet they reappear. It struck me that
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inguinal regions, a blister was applied. Opium and warm
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experimenting upon fowls exposed naturally to the disease, as in an
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pends. After a thorough grounding in the fundamental
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the organ ; tliis case occurred in the service of Pro-
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without any recognition of the differences between the individual mem-
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shrapnel bullet with a smooth exterior, it will sometimes change
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of profuse sweating and intestinal flux is likewise met with in the
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gained very slowlv, and it was a long time before she

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