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seven children. A brother of this boy I operated upon three weeks ago,
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Mix enough hard-bread crumbs with the canned tomatoes to absorb the
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* Observations on the Nature and Cure of Fevers, &c. by Thomas Clark,
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lost. He valued the privilege of being invited to propose the following
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complaining of visual disturbances, which had come on during the last eighteen
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of Dr. Ballantyne that the earlier or embryonic stage,
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At the period mentioned by Professor Clark, Bellevue was
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signs in the chest. They pointed out that it was a distinct ad-
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the voice-production when the air is required for consonants that
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Curettage. — J. W. Ballantyne, M.D., F.R.C.P.E., Lecturer on Midwifery, School of
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the author brings a vast array of physiological and pathological observa-
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may reasonably conclude that silver does not offer us benefits commen-
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chiropody. The Connecticut Board of Examiners in Chiropody
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emphysematous. The tissues of the scrotum and penis are greatly dis-
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between glucose administered intravenously and that taken in other ways,
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— to live, yes to be worthy of membership,” Mr. Ninman
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Michael Higgins Ebert, M.D., Research Fellow in Dermatology, Hyde Memo-
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On the other hand, just in proportion as a person is
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the tonsillar lacunae up to the sixth week after the onset of the illness in one
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Hospital, in fact, was his favourite institution, and after he ceased
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Jelly has been approved by the N. Y. Academy of Medidne, and
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the chiUrs face. The child was taken ill, and glanders diagnosed.
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venti : Iterum in tonitru Icquebatur , & "" ^°'
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statements as to doses. He cites a case of asthenic pneumonia in which
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has taken her chance as to the nature of her food. She is still in


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