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horse having a large abscess of the thigh near the stifle, was pre-

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being administered for neuralgia, and a dose of one grain was being taken

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activators in proper proportions remains autodigestive even after

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tion. From the shape, colour, and consistence of the liver, and from the

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as in apoplexy. On examination the entire lower surface of the

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Db. C. F. Folsom said that he wished to call atten-

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some people, which instead of being bold and open, is ex-

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retarded and destroyed soon after coming up. Some of

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Our eclectic brethren will, without doubt, be much interested

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hurtfuL I confidently expect the day will come^ unfortunately

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permits of the easy separation of the diseased tissue beneath from

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Whether, in many cases of apparent idiopathic development,

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bacteriolysis and of phagocytosis; the exact nature of the resistance to each

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plasm of the leucocyte and apparently surrounded by a delicate cyst.

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between the muscular fibres, its formation probably takes place in

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the week ended Saturday, December 3, 1910, amounted to 199 —

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there was no oedema, and three patients died of heart failure.

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ruled that a physician is not liable for the cost of raising a

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nium between the superficial origin of the nerves and their

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seems about the same as when first seen, certainly no worse.

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most of the recent text- books. At the last meeting of

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Pettus, W. J., passed assistant surgeon. To proceed to Nor-

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quently determined to make some more decisive experiments on the

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agraph, and literally tram^late the author's language:]

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