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reappeared in a few places. In the winter of 1891, however, an extensive
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I have already intimated, so enlightened an interest in the improvement
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nerve in preference to any other would produce the desired
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section one of the follicles had become caseous in its center. Outlines
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Symptoms. — In chorea a disordered condition of the motor centres
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Forty-eight hours after injection, the cows were again run
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of the most painful ailments known to man. In the earlier
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the knee-jerk, as well as the history, especially of convulsions, will
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swept much of the filth fell through the cracks, and
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gestation), then heaven help the practitioner who ventures to suggest a
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were separated and the brain disorganized and semi-fluid, with
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tributed to wet feet. He confesses to have been addicted to drinking
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fully in this explanation. That nervous irritability, or, rather, that
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histologists will scarcely agree with, namely, the regeneration of goblet
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teachers, and which was once quite general in Germany, viz., that
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to the temperature of the contents of the tube, and transferred to
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without prior approval or through telephone consultation.
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' Commanicated to the Socidt^ de Tbdrapeaiique, Parii.
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of these vessels to come together rather than produce a movement of the
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during the acute part of the disease, that is, while tliev
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cases were of the active form. He recognises six varieties of
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slight angle of divergence. It is interesting here to note that
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of Syracuse, N. Y., in the Medical Index, some years ago, I have
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past the lesion. In like maimer, by infficting a cut into the dorsal
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treatment assists materially in promoting its success. And vice
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almost always during the night. A later report from
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abscess in the left ; and that abscess in the right temporo-sphenoidal lobe

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