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The work was undertaken at the suggestion of Prof. S. Walter

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rounds it, the skin in the vicinity of the wound retains all its elasticity, suple-

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Secretary and Treasurer, on or before the first day of the Convention,

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tient should be recorded under the same couditions at

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testinal canal, favoring retention of the alimentary contents,

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character, healthy granulntions began to appear, and the general

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Treatment. — Were it possible to secure perfect isolation for an

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normal appearance on being put into healthy urine. In isotonic saline

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the Province. This will probably be the case this year.

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20 Bunting, C. H., and Brown, W. H., /. Exp. Med., 1911, xiv, 445.

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1889, suggested the term '' liquid crystals," a phrase

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small matter in the hands of the Creator, and easily enough got

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man efter he be deid to mak antomell of, quhairthraw we may haif experience, ilk ane to

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Fig. 1. (above) Extreme slipping of the upper femoral

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solution did not entirely check motion in (1) nor in (2), though its activity

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phuric Acid ; but to act as a remote Styptic, it is preferable

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f\. rageous, but withal proud and hard to deal with, quick-

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pronounced, mobility and crepitus are absent. Pain is elicited by

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for a few minutes, but no attempt at breathing was made, and the

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will be shortly published by Messrs. Carey & Lea. — Ed.

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reliable agent for the arrest of hemorrhage, both active and passive. " It

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production apparently as intense as that obtained by painting the

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Pemphigus makes its appearance within so few hours after birth,

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the pelvis. To the impossibility of micturition is added that of

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I next visited W. A. McCoy, Beman, Morris County, Eans. Mr. Turner reported

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has refused, or has not returned for, operation in the second eye,

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eyebrow incision may be followed by such excellent results, that

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