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•'Read at the June meeting of the Kentucky State Medical Society, 1896.
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several of his surgical colleagues with a view to obtain from them
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the ailment — if it is sufficiently severe to keep the patient in
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a last resort. 3. That failure of the open method to cure
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avoid shock. Horslej advocates the principle of doing these operations in
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The general tendency of the ataxy is to get slowly worse, and to
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had ladies under my care, who, after having by patient perseverance
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become very considerably raised, and assume the condition known as
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Royalton, New York, and graduated from the University
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Mrs. B., aged 23, was brought to the hospital in the ambulance
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the anterior superior spine of the ileus is the most interesting. If
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occasional cathartic, and was rapidly convalescing, when,
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aged twenty- six and the other forty-six j^ears of age. To one of these
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time no reaction was noted. On January 30, 1903, it was tested
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patient. In a second case the stool contained 40 diastase units. Seven
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as staggering and partial paralysis. Soon the animal will fall
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later by hypodermic injections of strychnin. This sub-
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presented undoubted evidence of the previous existence of acute diphtheritic
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elements which will prove essentially advantageous to those
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Baker moved that the secretary be instructed to begin prosecu
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Appendicitis. Anterior poliomyelitis following operation for ap-
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broth to broth of pneumococcus recently isolated is more difficult
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method after incubation at 55 C. for sixteen hours (over night).
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its character, lasting sometimes only as long as the causes
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which we may infer that a continual change is going on
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the wound and stitched to the muscle and fascia by six or


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