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says that ever since the recognition of the facts that

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'where did the wood come from?' "We are left with only two

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On examining the chest after the symptoms had completely

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Ipecac in the treatment of hemorrhages of the lungs,

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an hour after the onset of the jDain. He was then in a condition of

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M. Brown-S^quard, stating that in all the autopsies he had made,

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during January and February, there need be no hurry for

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accident in typhoid fever. The best that can be done is to allay pain

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unless it be severely taxed. It might, indeed, go on

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tum, particularly the regions of tl^e tractus spino-bulbaris and the bulbar lemnis-

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extension has taken place little or no beneficial result may be expected.

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substitution of heat for chemical substances in the disinfection of instru-

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rheumatism. These diplococci escaping from the minute blood capillaries

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A rapid fall of temperature and improvement in all the symp-

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prominent. Of pale complexion and thoughtful expression, the patient

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specie videtur; nam si acute interdum impetum faciat, faeda atque

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small wound in the left buttock, and (b) with the sacral fracture. The entire

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setlier, six dradams; water, four ounces. Give a teaspoonful

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maximum point being reached at the 12th or 15th hour

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of which are to be submitted according to previous usage, but which may or

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These preparations are easily transformed into wholesome,

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