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existed, were only tested twice a week ; and in infants it was not always

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far more value than anything speculative ; and as a great experiment upon the

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On July 8th was hastily summoned to find her in convulsions.

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c.c. per minute, in left 3.24 gm., giving a ratio of 1 to 1.31). The

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cine at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Dublin,

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was very distinct. As pus had continued to accumulate in spite

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kumyss, matzoon, and malted milk may be used in turn

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work as a teacher, besides considerable original work

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to them has any better basis than novelty or fashion ; and

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Dr. Seaver had had a career of usefulness in physical culture,

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the nerve ; but owing to the deep situation of the vessel here, I had to

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considerable number of cases are on record in which injury of a

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mechanical means would be considered advisable, which, of coarse, most be

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few hours, x'assing "plenty of gravel." He also in-

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temperature remaining constant. Under these conditions we must im-

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tell whence we came or whither we go. It is the greatest of all

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method more harmful than useful in the prosecution of physio-

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and fluids of the animal body. The usual statement is that in most cultures

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cause of the immunity thus experimentally procured is not eluci-

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that the catheterization of the ureters as a routine performance

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when diluted with two-thirds of water, forms the best drink to be taken during

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present time, but the paralysis has disappeared entirely ex-

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hours. She then took the second dose, anc^ the pain almost entirely

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