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always prevent tlie second complication ; the suture gives
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ally liked to use eserine, or, as less likely to cause painful
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of the nasal fossae. At the autopsy one should seek to find the
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(iii) Syphilis, Predisposing to Tabes, General Paralysis,
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Knoxville, to report on the epidemics of McMinn county, for
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was then seated at the dinner-table. He drank a little
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Its design, although not entirely original, aims to
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of the chronic fort, it is generally fufficient, for^
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part of the pharynx, and is rapidly cured by removal of the
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diseases which the surgeon has to deal with — interesting as regards the
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of the gods or to the interference of the evil spirits.
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July 5-9— Update in Internal Medicine. UUSM at Olympia Hotel and Con-
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mother, after which the arm received the ordinary care and protection.
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The patient is pale, anxious, with cold extremities, weak pulse, and
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ether. As to the mode of administration, quantity, etc., he quite
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dura mater and the bone (subcranial), between the dura mater and the cortex
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a discussion on disinfection of hands at the annual
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he would never keep a patient In his own hands if he believed
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burned to conceal marks of violence. Careful examination may reveal such
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of scarlatina ! All now feel better, except the doctor, who has
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ill this way it is that it operates so favourably in bony exostosis, ay
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incision, that the venous blood with which it was engorged might
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Dr. Ciiaimn Hai<l that the paper had rciiiindt-d him
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Mr. Justice Lount. A farmer in the western part of Ontario
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culture three days after tlie complete disappearance of the membrane, and
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in the first stages of labor in all cases ; I am fully persuaded


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